Here’s Why Manufacturing Executives and Engineering Firms Hire This Mechanical Engineer

Mathews Industrial Management, Inc., owned by Don Mathews, provides engineering consulting and project management services to manufacturers, CEO’s, CFO’s and mechanical contractors in the Minneapolis St. Paul, Twin Cities, MN metro area.

Mathews Industrial Management (MIM) is expert at managing highly complex and technical mechanical engineering projects. As the engineering project leader, Don Mathews manages the design, installation and performance of mechanical, electrical and fluid engineering systems.

For more than 15 years, Mathews has been helping frustrated, overwhelmed business owners complete engineering projects and equipment installations on time and on budget by providing engineering expertise, design, design reviews, technical oversight and leadership to project teams and construction contractors while meeting safety, regulatory and quality standards. 

Understanding the overall project while managing the details is critical. With cross discipline expertise and problem solving experience, MIM has built cost effective and strategic processes to efficiently meet safety, quality and profit goals. Because Mathews is a “big picture thinker” or visionary with the ability to optimize processes through technical and human solutions, he has a demonstrated record of improving project ROI:

  • Increased project performance
  • Problem reduction and conflict resolution
  • Cost effective management of projects  up to $200 million

3 Most Common Problems Solved!

Have you had any of these thoughts about your project?

  • “I can’t seem to get answers out of the contractors.”
  • “Why can’t this work get finished on time?”
  • “Keep me from losing any more money.”

Most of the time, Mathews Industrial Management is hired as the “owners representative” to oversee the project and manage the costs, timeline/finish date, and quality.  While internal employees have subject matter expertise like managing a lab or running operations, they’re not experienced in project management—that’s what MIM provides.  Occasionally, mechanical contractors hire MIM as the project manager, project engineer or design engineer to improve design and management processes and communications.

Experience Encompasses:

  • Working with AIA, EJCDC and other contract documents
  • Design development and design reviews
  • Directing multiple vendors, contractors, engineering firms, consultants and internal employees
  • Developing project tracking and equipment databases
  • Documenting and resolving non-compliance issues
  • Conducting field inspections
  • Working through and negotiating punch list items

If you’re looking for a mechanical engineer with project management expertise who can bring your project in on time and on budget, then give Mathews Industrial Management a call today. You’ll be glad you did!